Project manager

Alfred PETER Paysagiste mandataire, STOA Architectes, Ingérop, Repérage Urbain Sociologue, Idée Plus Éclairagiste et RR&A



Cost of the study

€ 211,233 excl. VAT

Cost of the works

€ 10,815,000 excl. VAT

Nature of the mission

Contract for updating the Porte d'Aix around a square and a garden

Surface area

4,2 ha

This most complex project requires all urban planning skills: urban form, the infrastructural dimension, a chaotic site.

The Porte d’Aix (Aix gate) illustrates the brutal confrontation between bruised fragments of the old town and the vast blocks of the modern city. Modern oxymorons – garden city, green town, individual tower block, etc. – are embodied in a generic oxymoron, the wide gap.

We do not suggest sacrificing anything:

  • neither to the structured square;
  • nor to a large empty space in its most urban form, i.e. a public park.