Founded in 1985, the Alfred Peter Studio, based in Strasbourg and Lyon, is firmly committed to the development of sustainable towns. We do not want sustainable towns for the 21st century to be cloaked in a boring virtue, as it is often the case when the model is too dogmatic; we think they should be a permanent, surprising, tolerant and joyful invention. This is why we describe our company as a LABORATORY OF CELEBRATORY ECOLOGY.

Our creativity is inspired by other professions: climatology, geography, mobility, hydrology, biodiversity, agriculture and energy are just some examples of the fields we revisit on a daily basis with our expert partners to support new approaches that give rise to ways of life that are less stereotyped, selfish or materialistic.

Without seeking to impose specific models, the studio’s work is based on the needs of our clients, with a planning model that is increasingly collaborative. Our primary added value comes from unprecedented spatial transpositions that are rooted in the coming together of needs and experience.