Ministry of Culture and Communication

Project manager

Team DESCARTES : Ateliers LION Architectes, SEURA, François Leclerq, Alfred PETER Paysagiste, Jean-Marc OFFNER



Cost of the study

€ 240,000 exclu. VAT

Nature of the mission

Prospective study of the

“What would be amazing is to improve the ordinary.”

The climate issue

If we do nothing, the Parisian temperature will reach that of Cordoba in 2100.

We worked with the research team at Météo France on the theory of an overall regeneration of forests, diversification of agriculture and an increase in wetlands in the Paris region. Our calculations show that it is possible to act on a two-degree range.

This action is easy and inexpensive, and it helps redefine the Parisian landscape. It combines an economic objective with better living conditions and recreation facilities which are indispensable for creating a sustainable city.