Great Sites


City Grenoble

Project manager

Alfred PETER Paysagiste, Sitétudes, RR&A, Cobalt, Sinbio



Cost of the works

€ 14,375,000 excl. VAT

Nature of the mission

Conceptual design work for the updating of the banks of the Isère

Surface area

7 ha


Project not adopted

The Isère has a highly suggestive potential. It is not by chance that one postcard in two shows Grenoble in three planes: the mountains in the background, the silhouette of the city in the middle of the picture and the Isère in the foreground. Most of the work consists of redefining a fair balance between the various uses of the river banks moving from a travelling space to a living space.

Expected uses on the banks:

Our proposal does not apply to the banks as a topic in themselves. We have sought to rely on existing or latent practices to boost interconnections. Bridges are favoured places.

The banks are essentially a space for carrying out already existingpractices and linking them together.

To this we add a few fun touches such as swimming. The footbridge, for example, by combining this with the cable car gives a magical touch to the project. Cycling is obviously encouraged with this project, as is walking. The two-way track to the North and cycling facilities in the South connect up existing cycling facilities.

This project is without doubt the most emblematic project of the sustainable city: it affects an essential natural element of the city and recapturing it must be magical and fun.